Bogenraith and Duralock Superior Performance Fencing join forces

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Bogenraith Equestrian and Duralock Superior Performance Fencing have joined forces to create a spectacular completion of white PVC rail fencing to compliment all of our outdoor arena’s.

We have also brought in White PVC race railing to complete our all-weather cross country course, aesthetically pleasing, this will look very professional and outstanding.

Duralock have 30 years of industry experience to provide clients with a tailored service and a beautiful product.


We want to ensure that we have a positive impact on the world, manufacturing a product of exceptional quality and durability, but in a responsible way, with a commitment to protect our people and the environment. With plastics, of course, a commitment to sustainability is an even bigger issue. Everyone wants the world to be straight-forward, but it isn’t always that simple. There are good plastics and there are bad plastics, and PVCu belongs to the former. It’s a long-term building material, something which can be recycled time and time again, and which represents a truly sustainable substance. Our PVCu products have been manufactured using 80% recycled material in the last 15 years – this equates to thousands of tonnes of recycled material that we have prevented going to landfill. From 2022, Our products will be manufactured using 91% recycled materials, and we will be introducing Duralock Recycling, an in-house service that will collect and reprocess existing PVC material across the UK and Europe.