Yard & Site Rules


Strictly No Dogs permitted on site. Our Centre has been built to very high standards, in order to maintain these standards and for safety reasons it is imperative that dogs are not allowed on the centre’s site. There are plenty of walks in local woodlands or along a quiet road, ask our staff for directions.. No dogs are permitted into the main building, stables or restaurant, unless a therapy or guide dog. Thank you

Children and minors must be supervised at all times. Bogenraith Equestrian will not be held responsible for any issues or injuries sustained whilst children are around the centre. It is the responsibility of the person / guardian to ensure that the safety of any minors or attendees in their company whilst on site is adhered to.

Children are not permitted to play in our lift as this is strictly for those who require assistance and are reduced in mobility. We politely advise that we tell unsupervised children to refrain from playing in the lift. We do not wish to have to pay to have any damage caused which may jeopardise the functionality of the lift. Thank you

Belongings are not to be left unattended.  Bogenraith will not be held responsible for any individuals’ personal items or Equine items.

Rubbish is to be put into designated bins.

Smoking is permitted in allocated areas only.

Bogenraith Equestrian will not be held responsible for any damage / injury / sustained due to negligence and disregard for risk assessments and rules.

Please adhere to and use hand rails and designated walkways where provided and signposted

Please keep noise to a minimum to avoid complaints from surroundings neighbours. Thank you

Yard / Horses

We kindly request that horses are not left tied up unsupervised, hay nets are not permitted in the show yard, we thank you for your assistance in keeping Bogenraith Clean and safe for all to enjoy.

Nothing is to be left outside of stables or Horse passageways, this is in case of an emergency evacuation and to minimise risk to horse and human. Anything found left lying-in passageways will be removed and put into a holding bin.

Visitors to shows, Please Keep Stables and surrounding areas clean to minimise risk of infections / diseases/ Injury etc

Mobile phones are strictly prohibited when handling/moving/working with horses and riding horses. Bogenraith Equestrian will not be held responsible for any instances/ phone damage or injuries, should care and attention not be adhered to when handling horses, nor paying attention to your surroundings.

Pick up any horse droppings as you go, arena’s, yard, lorry parks etc. Provisions are in place to dispose of droppings. This is to show respect and help us to maintain our high levels of cleanliness.

Passports – We take the checking of passports seriously, and request that you do not offload any horses until passports have been checked. No passport= No entry

Please match the correct passport to the correct horse!

Vaccinations – Please ensure that your horses are up to date with their vaccinations as a livery centre and competition / training centre we ask that you please respect other horses health. Do NOT attend our centre if your horse is showing any signs of ill health.

Physical or Verbal Abuse towards fellow liveries / staff and animals will not be accepted and persons will be escorted off the premises.