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Recently The North of Scotland has seen venues close their doors for various reasons. Unfortunately, this restricts many equestrians in their progression meaning that quite often driving south for hours to Indoor training and competitions is the only option. This can be very costly and time consuming for most.

We at Bogenraith have had first hand experience of this and have taken every aspect of competing, training and time into consideration. We believe that every rider deserves to have decent facilities with various options, combined with providing comfort for the rider, groom and horse.

In The last 3 years a lot of time and meticulous planning combined with local authority applications and approvals have at many times been quite challenging. Bogenraith Equestrian have acted as both client and contractor therefore we have been in total control of everything from concept and design through to completion.

We are now very proud of our achievement and what we have brought to the Scottish Equestrian Community, and hope that our clients also feel the same as soon as they enter our Gates. We are passionate about what we are delivering to Scotland and we hope that you are too, do come and see what we have to offer.

  • Indoor – 80 x 40 waxed surface
  • Outdoor – 80 x 40 waxed surface
  • Outdoor – 70 x 55 waxed surface
  • Eventing arena Designed and built by Adrian Ditcham assistant course builder at the 2012 Olympic Games, has designed Boekelo CC14*L since 2019
  • Cross country course 70 cm to novice, Designed and built by Adrian Ditcham and open in 2025
  • Horse & rider collecting ring
  • Livery arena – indoor for all year-round use
  • 160 stadium seats/ viewing gallery to the Indoor arena
  • External ground floor and upper floor balcony viewing to the 80 x 40 outdoor & indoor arena’s
  • Dedicated glazed judges’ box at Indoor arena – private for course builders, course designer, timing equipment and judges. Wifi & PA
  • Dedicated show day reception desk
  • Male & Female Showers
  • Male & Female Toilets
  • Lift
  • Disabled Toilets in main Indoor arena building and livery stables
  • 50 bespoke stables
  • Dedicated farrier & hot water bathing bays x 4
  • Horse walker stalled for 8 horses
  • Lunging pen coming 2025
lorry's parked on grass
  • Rehabilitation Paddocks
  • Isolation Paddocks
  • Horse hot water showers pre set to 30 degrees
  • Hay steamer
  • Rug washing machine – coin operated
  • Rug drying area
  • Livery parking
  • Staff parking
  • Lorry & Box parking
  • Lorry & Box Storage parking
  • Square bales to purchase for stay away
  • Round hay / haylage Bales to purchase
  • Hook up
  • coming late 2024
  • Toilet cartridge disposal area
  • Pedestrian guidance Lighting in lorry parks
  • Water in lorry park
  • Toilet in lorry park
  • Toilet on Cross country area
  • Clear signposted pedestrian walkways
  • Clear signposted horse only walkways
bales wrapped in field