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Paddocks, Turn Out & Grazing

Horses thrive on routine and consistency

At Bogenraith Equestrian we believe that horses need and thrive on routine and consistency, therefore a daily turnout is offered. The daily routine begins with feeding, then rugging if or as required. Our Livery Manager will brief our yard support staff on the horses that they assigned to for that day.

We cannot predict the weather so on very bad days or equally on very hot days, we will assess and liaise with our clients on decisions as to turnout.

horses in paddock
horses eating grass in paddock

Our primary care is of the horses – they will be safely secured in post and rail fencing and safe access routes for our staff to safely bring them out and in.

Our Centre is secured so that no horse can escape out to the road, they will be contained within the area. Our Entrance gates are electric ensuring that they never remain open.

Our hay and haylage has been nutritionally analysed and our grazing grass is equine ‘friendly’.

Poo picking is done daily and we also provide a hay steamer which our trained staff will operate. There is adequate field space and we can work with our clients requests to have separate paddocks as required.

Communication is welcomed and vital between client and staff with priority being the horse’s contentment and wellbeing. We encourage a good relationship between our staff and clients and will endeavour to fulfil most reasonable requests and realistic expectations.