Security & Safety

At Bogenraith Equestrian Security is of paramount importance. Equine safety and that of our clients and staff is very important and rules are set out to complement our risk assessments.

We have 24 hour CCTV throughout our livery, yard and arenas. To maintain security, we kindly request that clients leave the livery yard by 8pm and arrive no sooner than 7am.

As Yard security and safety is of paramount importance at Bogenraith Equestrian,  we will do all we can to ensure that all clients adhere to the facility rules.

We believe that horses need to be settled and have the opportunity to rest once they return indoors, therefore we have a strict policy of no admittance after 8pm and no entry before 7am, unless prior arrangements have been made for equine welfare/health issues.

Other factors would include early departures and returns from events/camps/clinics etc.

We work in conjunction with M2 Safety Consultants and have in place the appropriate risk assessments. We have taken the appropriate measures to provide adequate safety to ensure that horses and people are kept safe whilst on site.

To do this it is everybody’s responsibility to ensure that gates, and any form of doors etc are closed behind them. We are however unable to control a horse’s desire to jump !

Absolutely no Dogs are permitted at the centre and children are not permitted to roam the centre unattended, we will not be held responsible for any breach or negligence of safety which may result in injury or other.

Clients Tack / Horse ‘wear’/ personal belongings / feed / grooming tools etc are not the responsibility or ownership of Bogenraith Equestrian, it is our client’s responsibility to ensure that their belongings are accounted for and not left unattended or lying around, we will not be held responsible for items that have gone missing, mislaid, or damaged.

Any items left unattended or found will be put into the lost items bin for 1 week and sent to equine charity it not reclaimed.

A secured information file will be allocated to each Owner/horse/pony which will record owners details/contact information, horse’s passport number and issuing body, microchip number, insurance provider, medical records and Any relevant information relating to the horses health / behaviour/ habits / worming. A basic placard will be put on each stable door relating to the horse and updated as necessary.

Should you wish to store any lorry / box keys we can store these in a coded safe in our Livery office.


Any person suspected of being under the influence of the above in the livery yard, will be immediately escorted off the premises.

STRICTLY NO SMOKING IN LIVERY / ARENAS / OR COMPETITION GROUNDS. Allocated designated smoking area will be available.

Physical or Verbal Abuse towards fellow liveries / staff and animals will not be accepted and persons will be escorted off the premises.

Bullying of any nature will not be accepted or tolerated At Bogenraith Equestrian.

All liveries must have up to date insurance for accident public liability & third party

Horse lorry/ box maintenance MOT and fit to drive plus insurance is your responsibility

Bogenraith Equestrian will have a member of staff on site 24/7 who will carry out night-time checks, and generally be here to assist.

A WhatsApp livery group chat will be made available for communication purposes to clients,

Finally, please understand that Bogenraith Equestrian is here to give you, our client the very best experience all we ask in return is that you assist in keeping the centre as safe as possible for all concerned. Thank you.