50 Bespoke Stables

Meticulously designed stables

Bogenraith Equestrian have meticulously designed their stables. We have used a very strong recycled durable reinforced plastic board finish. This looks very impressive in our grey colouring which also compliments our bright and airy stable blocks.

indoor stables

Each stable is exactly the same and this ensures that each client receives the same standard. All 50 of our stables are kitted out with sealed and bonded rubber matting, full height hay racks that are accessed from the outside, automated water drinkers, Steel tie-hoops, swivel feeders and a barge bar.

stable from birds-eye view
horses tended to in stables

The impressive built in lockers allow you to store all grooming supplies, rug, hats & boots, etc in a safe manner as you will have your own key to access the locker. This also enhances security.

*Please Note that a fee of £5 will apply should a key replacement be required.