Bogenraith Stables

horses tended to in stables

Comprising of an impressive quantity of 50 bespoke luxury bright and airy stables, each one is 12 x 12 in size and fitted with sealed and bonded rubber matting.

A Full height hay rack, automated water drinker and a swivel feeder.

Each stable also comes with a barge bar and a steel tie up ring. This allows you to carry out any tasks and tacking up of your horse without jeopardising emergency exits as the horse can be tended to in their stable and not outside of it.

We have considered our stables very carefully and have used recycled pvc boarding in the structure.

We have cleverly utilised the corner space in the stable by fitting a groom’s locker, here the everyday essentials can be stored safely thus eliminating any need for grooming bags or boxes being left outside of the stables, which can cause trip hazards and obstruction.

Each stable also has an identity placard fitted stating the horses name, owners name & number and any vices or instructions plus a photograph of the horse.

Our heated tack room has two saddle racks per stable and a sink.

The feed room is also heated and you are allocated three feed bins, and a sink.

There are eight stables per feed & tack room and each one is key coded for security.